Superior Pho

Superior Pho Cleveland, OH
United States
41° 30' 37.584" N, 81° 40' 10.74" W

Located inside a rather decrepit shopping plaza off of Superior, this place is truly a hidden gem.  Enter through the parking lot in the back (the sign is rather hard to see), walk past a decent, but ultra basic Korean place, ignore the hideous faded yellow walls and fluorescent lighting, and head to Superior Pho through the glass wall on your right.  Its also very sparsely decorated, but the real attention here is to the food.  The  Pho here is top flight with mountains of vegetables, limes, sprouts etc.  The meat is sliced perfectly thin and one can get any variant of Pho.  My choice is the number 10 - the Pho and their delicious Banh Mi (roast port, pate, cilantro, radish sandwich) sandwich.  Order the sandwich spicy and do NOT take it to go.  Your car will smell like ass from it.


"Superior Pho, Cleveland, OH"
29 Apr, 2012

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